Monday, June 14, 2010

my first unconditional love ;)

i teringat pd my very "first" make-up was MAYBELINE! yup,,dats it! i felt in love with dis product ms kecil2 dlu..kecil xsgtla..during my semi-teenage life =) ms tu model die kalau xslap i is Josie Maran..n im dying to have her look! flawless skin, pouty lips, blushing cheeks and sexy eyes! kecik2 dlu senang skit otak ni terpengaruh dgn media massa,,so i start to force my mum to buy me a Maybeline Compact Powder..n i got it! hehehe..kene pujuk lebih! =P so dats the beginning of my life with my very first Maybeline CP!

after tu i dh mule kumpul duit sendiri to buy my next item! (duit tabung, duit skola, duit dpt ms ari raya, cilok skit duit my bro...joking!) sumtimes mummy stil have to "payung" me..hehe..thanx again momma!! luv u! luv u! i guess my next item is the blusher, oh no..the lipstick! yeah,,WATER SHINE LIPSTICK! yg ni my dad yg belikan..OMG the color is soooo pretty! pink is my fave,,so my 1st lipstick is something with a light + sweet pinkish tone! n its glossy tho! yummy!!

after dat i dh mule invest in mascara, blusher and foundation..n semuanye is kecik2 dlu, i believed dat L'oreal, Revlon and Cover Girl (skrg dh xde jual lg kt M'sia) brand utk adult i dun really into it..when it comes to Maybeline utk teenagers..sweet / pretty girl! n not to mention,,Siti Nurhaliza is also one of her product ambassador..well done girl!

as time goes by,,Maybeline pn dh semakin berkembang..packaging pun byk dh berubah,,n mcm2 product baru yg they all dh create..n eventho im a MAC / STAGE / BOBBY fans now,,bt still Maybeline alwys close to my heart..

so,,i nk share dgn u all..for a beginner, klu nak invest in make-up product, u shud give Maybeline a try,,its worth to try it u know! play with the color n u'll fall in love with it!

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